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RTEK is Sydney based Multimedia and Interactive Artist/Derringer Rhys Turner.

Recently completed a Masters of Visual Arts at Sydney College of the Arts in Media Arts and winning an Australian Postgraduate Award, Rhys, has been exploring new media modes since exhibiting in the students section of 2001: A space Odyssey: Sensation and Immersion.  His work moves through different new media forms form web (www.digital-dirt.com.au) to DVD (Industrial 3x3) and CDROM and interactive sound programs (Synaesthesia 1).  Video Stereo is a part of his current body of work.


  • HTML and CSS Web site Design and Development
  • Flash Design and Development
  • Content Management Systems Commercial and Open Source
  • CDROM/DVDROM Design Authoring and Development
  • Motion Graphics, Animation and Digital Video
  • Original Sound and Music