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The CD will never die it will just spin in its grave!

With the speed of the digital revolution media technology and the Image of society is constantly changing with new ideas and mediums being created every day. These new ideas can make older mediums less used or super-seeded. This phenomenon can have both positive and negative effects. The DVD vs CD is an example of this. CDROM is a great for rich media to be sent to a particular target but it it can't be updated and changed once it's sent. It's more like a book than a web site. This doesn't mean the medium is dead, it just has a different use. DVDROM's offer even more space for rich content which gives the medium even more possibilities, but it may be an over kill and not worth the extra costs.

Just because you can use the latest technology doesn't mean you have to. There are many different solutions to your problem and sometimes the oldest trick in the book is the best trick in the book. You are only limited by your imagination and if you need someone to realise that imagination then RTEK is you starting point.

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