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Web Design

The Internet has been around long enough now for people to know what they want.  However, it is only now that experimentation and avant-garde web site concepts are becoming accepted as mainstream solutions.  Such web sites as Requiem For a Dream, Donnie Darko and Nike Are good examples.

Professionally creating web sites since 1998, Rhys has gained a strong understanding of both visual arts and design concepts while having knowledge in all the necessary computer packages and programming skills.  His strength lies within his ability to generate original creative solutions for whatever content and means.  “Form over function is inversely proportional to usability…  but challenging usability and the norm is always exciting!”

On In Off Art and Design

Backed with a Masters of Visual Arts, Media Arts, RTEK can offer small and large multimedia, digital art and design solutions:

  • ON THE WEB from affordable small business template to huge manageable corporate or organisation web sites[see example here]
  • IN YOUR PLACE form mini CDROMs used for DL mail out Small Business Marketing Strategy to Innovative Interactive solutions and strategies [see example here]
  • ON PRINT from business cards, letter heads and small flyers to A0 or custom posters [see examples here]
  • OFF THE WALL for something a little different[see examples here]